So It Begins

To blog or not to blog. The poignant question that has coasted through my mind for some time. Can I? Should I? Will I? But, really, who cares what I have to say? Often, my thoughts are random flares of nonsense or self-deprecating humor (that doesn’t exclude my family!) — a stuttering stream of consciousness that can make just about anyone more confident in their own intellect. So, is what I have to say or what I think valuable enough to create a blog? I mean, I do, eventually, connect the dots although usually in a peculiar, highly jillogical way.

What is jillogic? It can simply be defined as the culmination of thought, reason, experience (or lack of) and the continual practice to understand and live out the will of God for my life. Interesting? Maybe. Senseless? Sometimes. Sporadic? Very. Enlightening? Meh. Jillogical? Definitely.

Let’s do this.



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You are such a creative sweetheart. I have so much pride in myself, that I recognized that creativity in you many years ago. You blog girl!



Thank you, Howard, for believing in me! You gave me courage and opportunity. Love you for giving me the chance and for your leadership. There’s none like you.



I’m so excited to follow you, Bestie. You are truly amazing and I am looking forward to more posts…so get to it!!❤️❤️❤️

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